About Jacobs Model School
Jacobs Model School was established in September, 1996 with a clear mission of providing qualitative education with moral uprightness in a conducive environment ideal for the formative stage of a child. The school runs the MONTESSORI METHOD OF CHILD EDUCATION. This method has proven to be the best up-to-date method of instruction all over the world. The school is located at No. 1 Bolutife Close, Matina Junction, Off Lagos/Abeokuta Road, Sango Otta, Ogun State, Nigeria. The ultra modern school complex with up to date facilities and equipment is sited in a serene and spacious environment for recreation which is adequately planned, well kept and learner friendly. The school is endowed with responsible and responsive management which continues to keep itself abreast of modern thinking in education. The management is also committed to the provision of a favourable environment for teaching/learning activities. The teachers of the school are loving, humane and Read More>>

Pre School

The first 4 years of a child in school are very important. This is a period of great changes, physically and mentally. The pre-school has therefore been organized
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Elementary School

The section is divided into: Lower Elementary (Year 1-3), Upper Elementary (Year 4-6) Here, the school offers more formal teaching methods, combined with the
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Our Vision

To produce self motivated, creative, independent, committed, diligent, God fearing and vibrant leaders who will rule the world.
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