Pre School

This session has four classes the Playgroup Class, Reception Class, Nursery One and Nursery Two.

Subjects taught includes: Number Work, Phonic sound, Practical life, Rhyme and story, Moral Instruction, Sensorial education, Cultural subject, hand writing.

Elementary School

This section is divided into:

(a) Lower Elementary (Year 1-3)

(b) Upper Elementary (Year 4-6)

Here, the school offers more formal teaching methods combined with Montessori Method as the study subjects like: Mathematics, English Language, History, Geography, Science, French, Music, ICT, Home Economics, Literature, Creative Art, Health Education, Christian Religious Studies, and Yoruba.



The school runs programme at Junior Secondary level now fused into 9 year Universal Basic Education programme and Senior Secondary Education. The School Curriculum has been derived through the harmonization of Nigeria and British Curricula.

Junior secondary School (Year 7, 8 and 9)

Subjects taught in the JSS classes are: English Language, Nigerian Language, French Language, Mathematics, Basic Science, Business Studies, Information Technology, Practical Agriculture, Physical and Health Education, Basic technology, Home Economics, Music, Creative and Cultural Art, Christian Religious Studies, Civic Education, Social Studies


Senior Secondary School (Year 10, 11 and 12)

Subjects Offered in the Senior Secondary School include: English Language, Nigerian Language, French Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Further Mathematics, Economics, Government, Literature in English, Financial Accounting, Commerce, Agricultural Science, Technical Drawing, Information Technology, History, Business Management, Food & Nutrition, Clothing & Textiles, Home management, Christian Religious Studies.