The first 4 years of a child in school are very important. This is a period of great changes, physically and mentally. The pre-school has therefore been organized in such a way that the children will love to sit in class and learn. The section has four classes the Playgroup Class, Reception Class, Nursery One and Nursery Two. A child must be two (2) years old at the term of admission into the first class of Pre-School. To achieve any tangible success, the interest of the children must be positively channeled at all times. This is why their class work will be interwoven with outdoor and indoor physical exercises, to assist their physical growth. Children will also be offered real life experiences through teaching of subjects like Nature Study, Practical Life Exercises and Sensorial Education. They will also have the privilege of going on Excursions to places of interest in this country and around the world.


The section is divided into:

  • Lower Elementary (Year 1-3)
  • Upper Elementary (Year 4-6)

Here, the school offers more formal teaching methods, combined with the Montessori method as they study subjects like Mathematics, English Language, Social Studies, Science, French, Music, Computer Appreciation, Fine Art, Home Economics, Literature, Bible Knowledge, Yoruba.

Preparation for Secondary Secondary School Education starts in Year 4 with the introduction of more advanced work to children. This will consolidate all they have been taught in the lower Elementary classes.