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Boarding House

At Jacobs High School, we clearly understand that boarding students tend to be more focused, self-reliant and dedicated to their studies. Consequently, our boarding house facilities are topnotch in order to make the students achieve their full academic potential and give them a feeling of being at home away from home.

Aside from the fact that boarding schools encourage students to concentrate on their studies, there are other good reasons you should enrol your child in a boarding school. First of all, a boarding school will help the child to learn how to live in unity with people of different cultural beliefs and backgrounds.

Secondly, your child will be able to build his or her communication, social and networking skills while mingling with other students. Our boarding house facilities are the best choice for your child. Our boarding facilities are well-furnished, and the hostels are always kept clean. The rooms in our hostels are quite spacious, well-illuminated and conducive.

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